Monday, 23 June 2008

Marc Jacobs for Gay pride

This t-shirt, entitled "Rebel Pride", has just been added by Marc Jacobs in honor of Gay Pride Week. Designed by Jon Lynch, the t-shirt features the Confederate flag overlapped by the Gay Pride rainbow. Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers and I think its great that he's featuring a shirt that displays Gay Pride, I don't necessarily think it was appropriate to use the Confederate Flag. Sure, its a mixture of contradictory symbols but the Confederate Flag is also an offensive symbol, linked to years of oppression and hatred. To me, it symbolizes the United States' dark past, and that is not something I think should be linked with Gay Pride Week, which is about celebrating the freedom to be gay and knocking down stereotypes. I get where Marc's tongue-in-cheek reference is coming from, but I don't think it works! I still think Marc is fabulous, I just don't think this shirt is! What do you guys think?


Wendy said...

I get the design and I get the message behind it, I guess thats what counts.

gilda said...

i'm not gay. even though i'm such a tomboy. i love my men, thank you. but i love all my gay friends too. and i want to go to pridefest. because some of my gay friends are some of my best friends. and they're human, just like me.

do i sound weird...?

Beka said...

Maybe he's trying to make a statement about tolerance? It is definitely a conversation piece. I am unsure as to how I feel. It sure is something.

CoutureCarrie said...

I totally understand your argument, and I agree that it's a bit jarring to have these 2 superimposed flags. But I think this tee is really going to annoy the people who still have confederate flags (I went to college down south & believe me there are lots of idiots flying that symbol of oppression)... So I like it!